Artistic Evolution Program

Learning Through Play Is for Everyone

Luff Learning’s Artistic Evolution Program (AEP) is a private school program for middle and high schoolers focusing on the five core areas (ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional Learning).

Our classes use the performing arts, gameschooling techniques, mindfulness practices, and movement to enrich and explore learning goals.

Classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

our Hybrid homeschool program

5 Core Areas of Education

This hybrid homeschooling program for ages 12 to 18 grades provides education in all five Core areas of study – Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and SEL — in a unique learning experience for each individual student. Here at Luff, we learn all of these subjects through the lens of the fine arts — Theatre, in particular – and each unit is concluded with the performance of a play, usually one that the students help to write.

A key element of our teaching and learning process is cross-curricular education. We are acutely aware of how the different school subjects blend together, and highlight these intersections with our students wherever possible. Theatre is used to teach Language Arts, as we read, write, and analyze plays; Language Arts are used to teach History, as we read and write about the actions (and literary works) of humankind; History is used to teach Science, as we study the advancement of humanity over time; Science is used to teach Math, through the application of Logic.

Classes are now running year-round, with 10 weeks of scheduled breaks throughout the year.

Luff Learning Private Middle School Spring TX
Individualized Education

We believe that all education should be specialized, and so we tailor our curriculum to each student’s needs, interests, and current knowledge level. For this reason, we do not use any pre-packaged curriculum options; we write our own curricula and learning goals. The curricula and individual lesson plans that we write are guided by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, which is an extensive list of all the standards that the state of Texas tests for in each subject and grade level. However, we believe that no child is “standard.” Therefore, we do not require any standardized testing for our students. Instead, we work with the kids to set individual learning goals, and celebrate with them when those goals are met!