Tuition & Fees

Looking for Affordable Private School in Spring TX?

Luff Learning Fine Arts Academy in Spring, TX, strives to provide an affordable private school experience that is inclusive and individualized for every child.

Creative Cloudlets’ Curriculum
(ages 5-12)


OR $5,670 annually to save $630/yr.

Artistic Evolution Program
(Ages 12-18)


OR $7,560 annually to save $840/yr.

fine arts friday
(ALL School ages)


OR $1,890 annually to save $210/yr.

All programs run year round, with 10 weeks of scheduled breaks throughout the year.

*There will be a nonrefundable, one time $75 registration fee and an annual $100 materials fee for all students, assessed in the first week of August. We also offer a stackable 10% sibling discount (1st sibling is 10% off, 2nd sibling 20% off, etc).

Affordable Private School Spring TX

We Strive to Make Private Education Available to Every Child

At Luff, we believe that every child deserves an individualized education because each child is unique and has distinct strengths, interests, and learning styles. By tailoring the educational experience to meet the specific needs of each student, we are better able to foster their intellectual, emotional, and artistic growth.

Luff Learning aims to make high-quality private school education accessible to a broader range of families, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential in a nurturing and supportive environment. We offer tuition reduction on a sliding scale to families in need. Click the button below to complete our scholarship application.